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The estate’s laboratory operates throughout the year and follows every phase of the production process, from analysing the grapes right through to the final phase when the bottle is ready to be distributed to the market.

With traditional analyses, performed with cutting-edge instruments and using official methods:

  • the grapes are very closely monitored, to choose the best moment for the harvest
  • fermentations are followed closely every day, even several times a day
  • the wines of the current and previous years are examined every month
  • all the trials done in the field are supported by a dedicated analytical check, designed to extract important information related to production.

This process is supported by 2 biodynamic methods:

Sensitive crystallisation: this technique demonstrates the “vital load” of ingredients, which shows itself through specific forms, all different, that create amazing images of the products and show how biodynamics favourably influences their development: it is “quality control through pictures”. Crystallisation gives multiple pointers to help direct cultivation and the most effective application of biodynamic preparations.

Circular chromatography: this method allows us to understand the soil’s “state of health”, meaning its permeability, aeration, the edaphon [animal and plant life] present, the active organic substances and how well the cultivation methods have influenced the improvement and maintenance of the structure of a specific piece of ground.

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