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Our Cinta Senese cured meats have a refined flavour and an unmistakeable aroma.

Our Cinta Senese pigs love feeding in the underbrush, full of acorns and berries; they are also fed apples, chestnuts and cereals. Their semi-wild rearing is certified organic. The meat is cured and aged by the Spigaroli family, following centuries-old traditions: an excellent brand that has promoted gastronomic know-how around the world for generations. The heart of their business is at Polesine Parmense. The delicious cuts in the Podere Forte selection are: Loin, Shoulder, Fiocco [ham from the front legs], Salame Mariola, Salame Gentile, Guanciale [bacon] and Pancetta [streaky bacon].

I prelibati tagli della selezione di salumi del Podere Forte sono: Culatello, Spalla, Fiocco, Salame Mariola, Salame Gentile, Guanciale e Pancetta.

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