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A landscape that excites you at first sight, and a memorable one: we are in the Val d’Orcia, where the hills draw infinite sinuous lines that fade to the horizon and the sunsets seem never to end.

Here Pasquale Forte, urged on by his love of the land, built a great dream that we now know as Podere Forte: an agricultural garden led by the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture, where you can feel the harmony between people and nature.

“Nose fresh and full with citrus notes, sage and mint, and iodine on the close.
Crisp bubbles on the palate, fresh with citrussy notes and a slightly salty finish.”

Pasquale Forte


This was a challenge, producing a wine for high days and holidays, where the bubbles, which create a magical and familiar atmosphere, express the freshness and minerality of the soil.

The name, Ada, covers everything that is most precious: unconditional, honest love for a child, for the family.

The currently available vintages are 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Coming soon


10 years’ ageing on the lees and 1 in bottle

100 % Pinot noir, available from 2022


3 years’ ageing on the lees and 1 in bottle

Available in 2023

Sarà in commercio nel 2023

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