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Discover the estate.
Exclusive experiences to see how our products are made

Classic Wine Experience

Winery visit and a guide through the various processes of winemaking. Tasting of one wine: Petruccino.

Wine Tour

This experience includes tours of the vineyard and winery and two wines to taste: Petruccino and an older vintage of Guardiavigna.

Guardiavigna Wine Tour

The top wine from the top vineyard. This experience includes a tasting of three prized vintages of Guardiavigna.

“The Magnificent Three”

A unique experience, the most representative, to discover the three wine that express the Podere Forte best: Petrucci Melo, Petrucci Anfiteatro and Guardiavigna.

Petrucci e Guardiavigna Wine Tour

This delightful experience includes a vineyard tour, a winery visit and a tasting of two old and prized vintages of our wines: Petrucci e Guardiavigna.

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