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To complement our organic and biodynamic practices, Podere Forte introduced the voluntary certification ISO 14001 in 2010, for 360˚ environmental monitoring, and a careful examination of the compliance obligations, risks and opportunities for improving and respecting the environment.

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Carbon Neutral Target
The estate has set itself the target of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2035 by using alternative energy sources and electric agricultural machinery, and making full use of recycled materials.

Biodynamic practices were introduced in 2007 and the estate’s products were certified in 2011.

The care of the soil, which can be thought of as a living, breathing skin, is designed to increase its vitality, which is seen in the humus. Humus, “soil”, is a continually evolving process, and safeguarding the soil, considered in this light, is one of the pillars of biodynamics. The typical biodynamic tools are the preparations, natural methods that stimulate, regulate and guide the biological processes of the estate towards balance in the wine, the estate and the locality.

We have used organic practices since 2005, a choice that allows us to respect and improve the soils and the ecosystem.

Environmental policy
We make available the adequate resources for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and we guarantee that the activity is carried out in the protection of the environment, not only in terms of conservation, but as an enhancement of the same.

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