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It’s not the path itself that’s challenging, it’s the journey. From the start, this year required scrupulous attention.

It was the first year we made Guardiavigna, from 100% Cabernet Franc, and our second varietal Sangiovese, Petruccino.

Winter and spring were notable for their constant rain, which continued as late as July. The flowering started on 1st June in the Anfiteatro vineyard and on 6th June in the Melo one. The sun was friendly between the showers.

In August and September the temperature reached a maximum of 32˚ then, towards harvest time, fell as low as 12˚. Veraison was excellent, following through to full maturation and excellent flavour complexity, and we harvested between 10th and 30th September.

Italo Calvino wrote, “La poesia è l’arte di far entrare il mare in un bicchiere.” [Poetry is the art of getting the sea into a glass.]  To which we reply, “La poesia è l’arte di far entrare la vigna in un calice” [Poetry is the art of getting the vineyard into a wineglass.] (Pasquale Forte).

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