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Sweet concentration.

The year was beautiful and focussed on sweetness.

Winter was well-behaved until early January, when the temperatures dropped to -5˚. The year progressed reassuringly. Spring brought rain, which lasted until the beginning of summer and flowering started on 23rd May.

Nature changes every year, each one bringing its own colours and personality. This year is remembered for its concentrated sweetness. The summer was perfect, hot and dry until the end of July; the vines were healthy and the grapes developed well. August became gradually cooler, delivering rain that relieved the summer stress on the vines.

September brought its usual temperature variations, with top temperatures of 30˚ and a  nightly average of 15˚, and a pleasant wind.

This was the first year we made Petrucci, using Sangiovese from the Anfiteatro [Amphitheatre] and Melo vineyards, where the harvest started on 27th and 30th September respectively.

The season can be summed up thus: “Wine is already concentrated in the grapes, it’s up to us to transform it with care right through to the delight of the final pouring.”

We leave you with the thought of Pliny the Elder, born in Como in 23 BCE, naturalist, military commander and provincial governor of the Roman Empire: “The two liquids that are best for the human body are wine inside and oil outside”.

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