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A generally dry year. Winter slipped quietly away and spring arrived, with the flowering starting on 30th May. The rain was heavy but came in appropriate doses and the heat was pleasant, not attacking us as it did last year.

Ripening proceeded slowly and steadily, with veraison on 5th August; the polyphenols and aromas matured beautifully. But the rain continued insistently, so we had to do a fragmented harvest, picking selectively, with love and care.

The philosopher, sage and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius reminded us that “what is not good for nature is not good for humans either”. A sentence from 200 years ago but more relevant than ever this year, given nature’s silent alarm call.

The harvest began in mid-October and we were able to celebrate after an emotional roller-coaster of a year. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Chi poco pensa molto erra e amore ogni cosa vince.” [Who thinks little errs much, and love conquers everything.]

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